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We headed for the northlands on Wednesday, as we had planned on Thanksgiving with [ profile] teeka' parents. We left early afternoon, leaving all three cats loose in the house, with [ profile] snakewyfe checking up on them - Snuffy seems to be doing ok with the other cats, so we're hoping things go well while we're gone.

The trip was long, but uneventful. Thursday we cut some wood, had Thanksgiving lunch, cut more wood, split some wood, had dinner, and then played cards and generally hung out for the rest of the evening.

Friday we cut some wood, split some more wood, and then hung out for the evening. Saturday my R (Maggs' dad) had to work, so we only cut wood (we're trying to keep ahead of him so that he can split wood whenever he has free time, but doesn't need to cut any). We put about a cord of split wood into the woodshed, and cut and stacked another cord by the splitter, as one of the neighbors is going to help with the splitting (they traded time - wood splitting for computer help). I need to sharpen the chainsaw again, but that can wait for a while, as we're probably done with it for the weekend (I also need to mix more gas and buy more chain oil, too).

In between the lumberjacking, we also drained the waterbed so that the headboard could be attached (and then we moved it back into position, reset all the legs, and filled it back up), installed a new drive on B's computer (Maggs' mom has a faster computer than I do), fixed R's computer so that the Add/Remove programs control panel wouldn't crash it, and now I'm working on figuring out why R's printer only prints part of a page (I think it's a driver issue).

We also may have broken the four-wheeler - it may have backfired, the muffler may have died, we're not sure, but it got really loud as we were pulling up to the woodshed, so we're leaving it for R to check. Everybody up north has at least one four-wheeler, and they get used for everything.
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