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So far, today's been an outside projects day.

I went to work and borrowed an 8' ladder, and then finished cleaning all the gutters (I had done about 1/3 of the driveway side gutter last weekend) out to get rid of the ice/sticks/leaves they were filled with. This round of gutter cleaning went much better, because I noticed that PDQ was selling rubberized gloves, which meant my hands stayed warmer because my gloves weren't always wet.

Then I knocked back the ice in both roof valleys as far as I can reach, and went to the sand pile at the end of School road where dumped the waste oil jug that's been on the steps since we brought it back from the in-laws' (there's also an oil recycling drop-off point there), and refilled all of the sand buckets.

Now we're cleaning up the guest room because we're renting it to one of [ profile] teeka's friends (P) until she finds an apartment of her own, and we're trying to decide if it makes sense to move Snuffy from the guest room to my office so that P doesn't have to work around whether he's locked in his room or not. My office is one of the places the cats like to hang out because I'm in there a lot, the treats are in there, and the emergency food bowl's in there, too.


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