Jun. 21st, 2010 07:42 pm
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Maggs and I just got back from Bloomington IN. She had been thinking about taking a class at ABR, and Ross (the owner) gave her a great deal when she talked to him about it at Bead & Button.

Tuesday we decided to go, and then we decided to go down on Thursday so that we could do touristy stuff on Friday (otherwise I get to do touristy stuff while she's in class, and she doesn't get to see anything). We decided to visit Marengo Cave in the morning on Friday. It was interesting, and it certainly beat doing anything outside (~95F and a little humid outside, vs 54F in the cave).

We went to Blue Springs Cavern after lunch, as the cave tour sounded interesting - it's an hour-long boat ride. Because of the last three days' rain, the water in the cavern was up about a foot and a half, so they weren't doing the tours - too many spots where people would hit the ceiling, at that point. They expected the water level to rise to about 4' above normal, but since it's still raining down there (they're currently under a flash flood advisory) it'll probably go higher.

I wasn't planning on a cave trip when we packed, so I only had the little camera with me, and it doesn't have enough flash to get good cave pictures. Eventually I'll post some of the ones that did turn out.

Sunday we checked out of the hotel at about 10, and I hung out at Borders for a while, as there really isn't anything to do in Bloomington on a Sunday.

When we got home there were several MG&E trucks in the street putting in temporary power at one of the houses across the street where they had a tree come down.
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