Jan. 27th, 2009

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A while back (we're not sure anymore exactly when), someone at work used the Department's purchasing card to buy something on eBay.

Other people would like to be able to use the purchasing card to buy things via paypal, but can't, because we don't know who used the card, so we can't have them delete it from their account, and we're guessing that whoever it was isn't with the UW anymore.

I've been on the phone (on hold, mostly) with PayPal trying to find out how to fix this. SO far, they've told me that they can't help me if I don't have the account information, and told me I should start by trying the recover email option on their website. One of the agents at PayPal said that the account is under the cardholder's name, but I'm down to guessing at what phone number was used.

I'm currently on hold again, trying to talk my way around these problems, but it's looking more and more like it's going to be easier to just cancel the card and start over.

Edit: After, in essence, two "practice" calls, I called back a third time and hit all the right buzzwords to get transferred to someone who was able to actually tell me the name of the person who set up the account (one of the professors who retired 2-3 years ago, but probably was really done by one of his students) and the email address on the account (which we still have access to), letting me then use the "lost password" tool to start the process of fixing it.


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