Mar. 23rd, 2009

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I discovered last week that it was getting to be time for a new cordless drill. The casing on mine is starting to crack around the trigger, probably from old age and being dropped too many times.

I bought it about the time the 18V drills were brand new (the date code inside the handle is 1996!), so I have no problem with it not lasting long enough. I bought a DeWalt DC920A kit (two batteries, case, charger), so now I have four batteries and two chargers. So far the two biggest improvements are that it now comes with a side handle and the case holds three batteries (two in the box, one in the drill) plus the charger and space for odds and ends.

[ profile] teeka told me that now that I had a new drill, I had to make her something, so I built a new frit rack for the studio, which didn't really need the drill, as it's mostly dadoed and nailed together.

When I bought the table saw, my father in law gave me a box of blades and stuff he'd had for a while but never used. I finally really looked through it. There's two dado blades (one adjustable, on stacking), a shaper blade with 5 sets of cutters, and a dado insert that doesn't fit my saw.

I'll play with the shaper kit one of these days, but the stacked dado worked well for the frit rack: the top and bottom are rabetted into the sides, and the five shelves are dadoed, with everything going a lot faster than trying to do it with the miter saw or a router.


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