Mar. 31st, 2009

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I'm going to have to make a house call tomorrow to fix some wireless problems. Probably I wrote something down wrong, so I'm not giving the users the correct access info for their access point, but until I can stop in and look at it, we decided we're not getting anywhere over the phone. They're not worried, because they each have a working computer, it's just that the third computer (with the printer on it) isn't on the net.

At work, we've now reached the point where one of the retired professors needed a grad student today. Not having any, he called me. He needs to send a piece of rock to the UK so that they can have samples ready when he gets there in June, so we went over to his other lab to find and cut down a slab of the proper material.

We found a piece of rock, and then we had to fix the lift. They've got a manual hydraulic lift so that they can move the rocks around, except that it has a small oil leak. A small leak, over several years, means no oil left in the lift. The lift has a 1/4" diameter fill hole, and, of course, there's no funnel. In proper Rube Goldberg form, the solution was to set up a piece of 1/4" poly tubing as a siphon from the 5 gallon oil bucket to the fill hole, and have the Prof hold the end of the tubing up against the hole, because the tubing doesn't quite fit into the hole, and then I took a compressed air hose and used that to pressurize the bucket in order to get the oil to flow faster.

So, eventually we get the lift working, and take the rock section (about 12" square by 30" long) over to the saw. Then I find out that he hasn't run the saw in long enough that he'd not sure how. This saw has a 36" diamond blade, and is set up like a radial arm saw, but all the motion directions (up/down and front/back) are powered, and it isn't very hard to run. We found a water line, hooked it up (the saw has garden hose fittings for the water that it uses to lubricate the cut), and away we go.

It took about an hour to cut the rock (it would have taken two if he had stayed instead of letting me finish while he ran an errand), and then I cleaned up, wiped down and oiled everything, and am waiting for the rock to dry. Later today I need to go and get it, and then build a crate for it to ship it to wherever it needs to go.


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