May. 12th, 2009

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Busy weekend.

I started building the first of the walls that will enclose the finished section of the basement.Eventually I'm going to need to make some fancy bookshelves that will be part of this wall section - when we put in the drop ceiling, we didn't run it far enough for how large I now want to finish the basement, so there will be a 12" wide section on one wall where there is no drop ceiling. My plan is to build a 12" wide bookcase for each end of the section, and then connect them with a wood valence that supports the ceiling between them and allows me to put in lighting out of direct view, making the section between the cases (about 7') well lit for reading, displays of stuff, etc.

The other section of wall (along the stairs by the furnace) is probably going to be made by hanging doors on roller track so that we can move the entire wall out of the way if the furnace or water heater need work. We also are planning on boxing in the stairs, but I haven't decided on exactly how, yet.

I finally put away the snowblower and got out the lawnmower (which required a bit of garage cleaning and doing the wall building so that all the wall parts were out of the way).

I bought a second composter, managing to get to the Alliant center before the traffic jam locked things up, and put it over by the garden, next to the old one, which we moved to where it gets more light and where we won't forget about it because it won't be out of sight from anything behind the garage anymore.

We also cleared away the pile of dirt from digging out the asparagus bed and used it to fill in a couple of dips in the yard, and then seeded the dirt so that the lawn fills in. I got a thatch rake, and have started in on doing the whole lawn.

All the old raspberry canes are cleaned out of the patch, as are all the dead rose canes, and a lot of the weeds from around the rose. Maggs has most of her garden planted, and is starting to plant flowers along the west side of the house.

Yesterday I started mowing the lawn, and today I finished the two sections I didn't get to yesterday. I also got all of the small bushes fertilized. We did a Weed & Feed application on the lawn last week, hopefully it cuts down the dandelion problem. I still need to do something about the creeping charlie, however.

This weekend will be the Janesville Renaissance Faire, assuming that Troxler Park isn't under water (it's on the Rock River, which has been under flood warnings for most of the past month or two).

Right now, I'm making tent ropes. Last year when we cleaned up from Stronghold we packed everything up, not realizing the ropes were still damp. A few weeks later when I discovered this, we decided that they weren't worth the trouble of cleaning the mold out of the sisal ropes, or the wood tensioning bars, so I'm starting over with new bars and nylon ropes (so that I can machine wash them if necessary).


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