May. 25th, 2009


May. 25th, 2009 06:51 pm
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First, here's a picture of the cages over [ profile] teeka garden beds:

Second, I've got Dreamwidth invite codes if anyone wants to check it out.

Finally, today's project:
I built more shelving in the basement.

It's anchored on one end by the wall I'm working on to separate the finished section from the rest of the basement - you can see the drop ceiling in the upper right corner.

I also discovered that, in a pinch, it'll sleep up to 4 people - the shelves are 75" x 24", but the top two shelves have only about 18" of vertical space (and the top one has the I-beam in the way, too), unlike the bottom two which have 23", which is tight, but doable, unless you flail around a lot.

I figured this out because the only way to anchor the left end is from laying on the shelf below because it's got to be done from the inside, as I didn't feel like moving the shelving unit to the left out of the way.

This replaces the shelves that came with the house - 1x12 pine boards hanging from perforated steel strapping so that they were free-swinging if you leaned on them. I'm putting the leftovers from that out on the curb on Friday.

The next part of the project is going to be to finish filling the shelves with everything that's accumulated on the floor around where I'm doing the wall, just to get it out of the way. I've got the wall one up to the ductwork that runs along the basement ceiling. I'm gong to leave a 40" opening there to fit the door (which will be a little short, but that's life in the basement), and then continue the framing around to the stairs. I think I'm going to run plywood along the sides of the stairs so that I can panel it later so that it'll have nice looking walls and you won't be able to see the utility spaces on either side of the stairs.

After that, the humidifier that's currently on the furnace goes. We haven't used it, and it sticks out into the stairwell, so it's going to be in the way if I leave it there. I'm not sure how I'm framing in around the furnace, other than that at least parts of the wall will be easily removable in case the furnace needs major work (or replacement), and the section of the wall that runs parallel to the stairs is probably going to be a series of doors hanging on slide track so that the space can be easily opened up for furnace or water heater work.


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