May. 31st, 2009

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Didn't do much yesterday. Woke up feeling dizzy, eventually felt better, but decided to skip anything that would require heavy machinery or power tools.

Today, however....

I started out doing laundry before [ profile] teeka got up, and then trimmed the yard and pruned trees and bushes while she was at church. When she got back I took all the accumulated brush over to the drop-off site and then mowed about half the yard, and then we put in edgers along the west side of the house.

We need to get more pieces to do around the bush on the corner, and then we're going to continue along the front of the house as well. Several of the neighbors wandered by to check on things as we were working, and the general consensus is that we did a good job. Maggs will probably be posting pictures of it later.

While we were out, Mike (next door neighbor on the Elgar side) pointed out that there's some kind of wilt going on on both his maple and ours, so I need to figure out what's going on - it might be fungal, it might be a bug, we're not sure. The leaves turn black in streaks and fall off, and there are red spots that could be bug cocoons. Hopefully it's something simple, of the "spray the tree with this and it'll go away" variety.


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