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I was out shopping today, and stopped at Mounds for cat food.

The cats normally eat Nutro Natural Choice, and they get Eukanuba as treats (they think it's a treat, it's not that expensive, and it's probably better for them than real treats are).

I picked up a bag of Mound's Purrfectly Natural to try it out, since it was on sale. Eukanuba Indoor hairball (what they're currently eating as treats), as their "highest quality ingredients" lists Chicken, Chicken By-Product Meal, Corn Grits, Dried Beet Pulp, Powdered Cellulose as the first five ingredients. Mound's lists Duck, Chicken Meal, Pearled Barley, Rice, Salmon Meal and lists no by-products meal at all, so it's probably better for them, too.

The real question, of course, is will they eat it?

Marley says it's really good and she'd like more (she does, however, say this about most things, including gravel, if you put gravy on it). Jackie says it's OK, but the brand new catnip toy that Marley just dropped is better, so the jury is still out on that one.
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Jackie says that being up on the dryer while I'm folding clothes is good, because then she gets big piles of warm clothes to sit on and try and squash the lumps out of, but it becomes less fun when I then fill the dryer with wet pillows and tennis balls.
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G ([ profile] teeka's nephew) gave us a lat-panel TV for Christmas.

Jackie (the cat) just discovered that there's no room on top of the TV for a cat, and that it's a lot more tippy - the TV went over, and the cat headed for the back room (where she found crunchies on the floor, so she's all better now).

I found two mirror clips in the miscellaneous stuff drawer, so, hopefully, the TV won't fall over next time.

I've been out in the garage for part of the afternoon, making stuff. It'd work much better if I didn't need to worry about frostbite. I had to borrow the propane heater from [ profile] teeka's shop in order to put enough heat into my side (which doesn't have interior walls, and only has plastic sheeting for a ceiling) in order to make it warm enough for the shop light to come on.
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They finished paving our neighborhood today. Base coat asphalt on Northland, Fulton, and Nancy, and topcoat on all three plus School. The roads really needed it, but it's also nice for them to be done. I'd guess that all the cones and barricades will go away either tonight or tomorrow. One of the neighbors said they were pushing hard to get it done so they didn't have to wait for things to dry out after tonight's predicted rain.

I'm over the swelling and most of the itching from the allergic reaction, now I'm waiting for everything to finish peeling and for the last of the red to go away. We're fairly sure that it was a reaction to something on the celery we bought for the potato soup. I was talking with John at Jim's Meat Market (where we got the Italian sausage), and he says they stopped using celery in everything a while ago. They used to fail a health inspection every year or two, and their health inspector suggested they cut out the celery, as it's apparently a common source of pollutants, including dirt and agricultural chemicals. John says they haven't failed an inspection since (he said it's been 10 years).

The cats spent the day at the vet for teeth cleaning. Jackie had one tooth removed, Marley had one canine and three other teeth pulled. The vet's pretty sure that Marley's weight loss is related to the dental problems. [ profile] teeka got home with the cats shortly after I got home, and we shouldn't laugh, but Marley was frantically throwing food around because her mouth was still numb while she was trying to eat something (anything? everything? whatever a starving kitty needs!).

Yesterday I rebuilt my mother-in-law's computer. Her old one stopped working while they were trying to figure out what she'd need to do to run Adobe CS3, so they decided that it was time to upgrade. I picked a kit from Tiger Direct, and they went from a 3GHz Celeron with 512MB or RAM to a 2.2GHz Dual Core with 2GB. I built the new machine a couple weeks ago and swapped all the drives from the old one to the new one and traded video cards with her (I had a PCI-E/16 card and both AGP and PCI-E/16 slots, she had an AGP card in the old machine and a PCI-E/16 slot in the new machine, and both cards were similar quality), booted it up, and then went away while it figured out what drivers needed to be installed. Told it to cancel all it's install attempts, ran the driver disk, downloaded the video card drivers, a couple passes through Windows Update, and then boxed the new machine up to go back home.

I'm probably going to use the old machine and some of the accumulated other parts from home to upgrade Teeka's desktop the same way. She'll go from a pIII-900 to the celeron, which should make it a little less frustrating to use.

Anyone want to buy a camper? We've decided that we should try to sell the camper because we really only ever use it one weekend per year, and with ongoing maintenance and what we went through this time to get it hooked up to the truck, it's really not worth it.
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Marley was The Mighty Hunter today, and caught a chipmunk.

[ profile] teeka, however, got to the door first and closed it so that Marley couldn't bring her new friend inside to play.

After trying a gentle rain from the hose in hopes of getting Marley to drop the chipmunk (which just sent Marley under the camper), Teeka went in the front door to get treat crunchies in hopes of distracting Marley and having her drop the chipmunk. While this was happening, I was giving Marley scritchies and telling her she was a good kitty, until she put the chipmunk down to lean into the scritchies, at which point she got scooped up and brought inside.

I'm fairly sure she used bad words towards me at that point, but I'll let it slide. The chipmunk lay on it's back on the step (doing the "I'm dead now, really, I am" bit) until I went out to move it, at which point it said "Eeek! A monster!" and went running off into the flower bed and around the house.

Marley still would like to go back out and find it again.
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The cats are now hiding under the table in the basement. I vacuumed up the debris in the computer room doorway, which meant they had to flee the evil vacuum cleaner.

Tomorrow I'll pull all of the nails from the old trim, measure where the cutouts for the hinges and strike go, and then chop all the debris small enough to fit in the trash can. Then I'll start sanding and prepping the new wood. I think I want to stain it before I cut it so that the required handling can't leave spots on the wood that won't stain.
And now, a recipe! )
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Maggs left last night to spend a few days at her folks'. I've got work stuff that has to be done tomorrow, so I stayed home.

Today, I slept late, had a light breakfast, and then took a nap with the cats. I finally got up around noon, ate brunch, and then did some housework.

So far, I've done three loads of laundry, two loads through dishwasher, ripped the door frame out of the computer room and am currently baking cookies.

I should plan dinner soon, but other than it will probably contain pulled pork from the batch we made yesterday, I'm not sure. Maybe herbed popovers, if I can find where I put the recipe.
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Jackie (the cat) has been trying to eat all of the plants lately, including the Draconis that we've finally gotten to grow to a respectable near-tree-like height.

In order to save the houseplants, I filled a 15" planting tray with potting soil and grass seed about a week ago, and set it on the counter (it then moved to on top of the fridge to get it out of the way). Water daily, and today (or, maybe, yesterday) it started to sprout. [ profile] teeka noticed today that it was sprouting, but the grass was white due to lack of sun, so she moved it to the sink (under the window), and then proceeded to tell me that every time she looks, the grass in the tray is taller.

Now, because she asked for it, I'm shooting time-lapse pictures of the tray of dirt. In a few hours I'll download the card and see if you can tell any difference over the course of the run. I might let it run all night, but if I do that, I'll increase the interval time (from its current 2 minutes).


Sep. 25th, 2006 08:57 pm
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I got the longer half of the pipe run finished and duct-taped closed the pipe ends to make sure that nothing can crawl into the house via the open pipes. By that time, Teeka had dinner ready, and the mosquitos were starting to become a nuisance. After dinner I went to Menards for more pipe (I think 20' will be about 1' short, so I got a third length of each size).

While I was working on pipe, Teeka went to the vet for more pain meds for Marley. She came through declawing really well, no bleeding or other problems, but today we noticed that when she was sitting down she'd keep one foot in the air. Teeka called the vet, and they said that that was normal, but they could give her extra meds to help with the pain for a few days. We're also going to keep her out of the computer room (where we think most of the jumping occurs) and restrict her to the guest room overnight and when no one is home for at least a day or two to let her heal a bit more.


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