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Today was a long, busy day at work.

I started with lab cleaning. The kind that begins with me rolling in a dumpster. A cubic yard of rock pieces later, the dumpster was full, which, unfortunately means I get to push it back outside, and, of course, it weighs a lot more now than when I started.

Then I made a bunch of decisions for the current remodeling project (part of my job, officially, is to arbitrarily answer questions from the tradespeople in order to keep the project moving forward without spending any more extra money than necessary).

[ profile] teeka and I had lunch at Pasquale's, and there were voicemails from the remodeling guys waiting when I got back with more problems.

I then spent the afternoon hauling water from one end of the building to the other in order to keep the chiller that runs the cooling panels in the 'scope lab full as we worked to bleed all the air out of the system (lots of up and down ladders) in order to get it working. The microscope company is coming in on Monday to test the room, so we want all the air out of the panels in order to make them as quiet as possible, since they need to be running to help control the temperature in the room.

By the time I left to go home, I was at 10,000 steps (about 4.5 miles), while having mostly stayed inside the building at work all day, and have since put on another 3,000 steps, giving me a total so far of just over 6 miles.

Tomorrow is more lab cleaning, and I've got to cut a sound baffle to close up the cableway between the two 'scope rooms, and I've got a meeting for a consulting project in the afternoon.
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Back in April I got a pedometer.

According to my log, some time tomorrow I should hit 2,500,000 recorded steps (approximately 1,142 miles).


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