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This week I've been practicing my drywall taping skills. They need work. I've got the basics down, but now need to work on the details, especially inside corners. The first joint I taped bubbled (and I've since peeled the tape off and mudded it over sans tape), the second one is ok, and the first inside corner needs some sanding and then will be done.

I've got another inside corner on the wall, and a pair of small butt joints (that I may skip as they'll eventually be covered with door frame trim), and will have more joints once I start in on enclosing the stairs.

The garden beds are cleaned out, tilled, and replanted with tomatoes, onions, and radishes. I need to screw down the screen frames over them yet (we took them off to work on the spading/tilling).

Today I decided that the flag in the front yard needed replacing, so I got a new one at Meikle's, along with some yard stuff and charcoal.

We're cooking meat for the week today. There's a beef brisket in the smoker (cherry smoke, Smoky Jon's Flavor Magic seasonings, and brown sugar and other seasoning in the water, which we're basing the meat with occasionally), boneless pork rib ends in the crock pot (dried cranberries, ginger, other spices), and we might also do brats later (Johnsonville original). I've also got a recipe for fried peach pies that I might try later.
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Haven't done a lot today. Did a couple loads of laundry, cleaned up under the bird feeders (we have very messy birds). Shortly after lunch, I started making bread.

My bread book says this is pain à l'ancienne (country-style French "old dough" starter - pâte fermentée - bread), but baked in the style of pain de campagne. We've been playing with more"artisan" sorts of bread, and using the bread machine to make dough, but then forming loaves and baking them in the oven. This loaf took 9 hours from when I put the ingredients for the starter into the machine until it came out of the oven. I've got half the starter left, and will make another loaf tomorrow, as the starter doesn't last long.

Finally, someone (and she knows who I mean) pointed out this website, which is (I think) a great way to waste time. I'm currently up to 14x10.
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I went to Woodmans last night for groceries, knowing that it was a locust night for grocery stores, but, when you're out of food, whatcha gonna do?

Came home afterwards, let [ profile] teeka put everything away, and grabbed gas cans and headed to PDQ to get them filled.

Gas at PDQ ended up being three purchases: 1) four gallons of gas in the gas cans; 2) lock de-icer for the truck gas cap; and 3) gas for the truck.

Some days you just can't win. On the upside, just in case, there is now new lock deicer in the truck, and in the pocket of my coat.

Busy Day

Dec. 6th, 2008 06:36 pm
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Today I cleared all the sidewalk and the driveway of snow, then sanded and salted same.

Next it was off to Woodman's for people food, bird food, and candy making supplies, with a stop at the hardware store for propane and a bacteriostat and a new wicking pad for the humidifier.

Then I went back and cleaned up the end of the driveway after the plow came through, and then shoveled off the edges of the roof, and then drove over to the hardware store for shear pins because the plow berm did in one of the ones in the blower, and I couldn't find any spares in the garage.

After a lunch break, I spent the afternoon installing a second lampworking station in the garage (canopy hood, tile on the counter, torch) and cut quick connects into the line for the first torch to allow the second torch to run simultaneously.

Now I'm going to start some laundry.
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Today started with the potential to be "One of Those days."

I woke up late, having apparently turned off my alarm clock and then fallen back asleep. Not very late, I was only going to be about 30 minutes later than normal to work.

Got up, got ready to go, mixed up oatmeal (oatmeal, dried fruit, brown sugar), put it in the microwave and started packing lunch. About the time my breakfast was ready, I started to smell something burnt.

Microwaved oatmeal smells just like burnt popcorn when you forget to add water before you heat it up.

Now, starting from that beginning, I'm replacing monitors and rebuilding microscopes.

We'll see how today goes from here.
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They finished paving our neighborhood today. Base coat asphalt on Northland, Fulton, and Nancy, and topcoat on all three plus School. The roads really needed it, but it's also nice for them to be done. I'd guess that all the cones and barricades will go away either tonight or tomorrow. One of the neighbors said they were pushing hard to get it done so they didn't have to wait for things to dry out after tonight's predicted rain.

I'm over the swelling and most of the itching from the allergic reaction, now I'm waiting for everything to finish peeling and for the last of the red to go away. We're fairly sure that it was a reaction to something on the celery we bought for the potato soup. I was talking with John at Jim's Meat Market (where we got the Italian sausage), and he says they stopped using celery in everything a while ago. They used to fail a health inspection every year or two, and their health inspector suggested they cut out the celery, as it's apparently a common source of pollutants, including dirt and agricultural chemicals. John says they haven't failed an inspection since (he said it's been 10 years).

The cats spent the day at the vet for teeth cleaning. Jackie had one tooth removed, Marley had one canine and three other teeth pulled. The vet's pretty sure that Marley's weight loss is related to the dental problems. [ profile] teeka got home with the cats shortly after I got home, and we shouldn't laugh, but Marley was frantically throwing food around because her mouth was still numb while she was trying to eat something (anything? everything? whatever a starving kitty needs!).

Yesterday I rebuilt my mother-in-law's computer. Her old one stopped working while they were trying to figure out what she'd need to do to run Adobe CS3, so they decided that it was time to upgrade. I picked a kit from Tiger Direct, and they went from a 3GHz Celeron with 512MB or RAM to a 2.2GHz Dual Core with 2GB. I built the new machine a couple weeks ago and swapped all the drives from the old one to the new one and traded video cards with her (I had a PCI-E/16 card and both AGP and PCI-E/16 slots, she had an AGP card in the old machine and a PCI-E/16 slot in the new machine, and both cards were similar quality), booted it up, and then went away while it figured out what drivers needed to be installed. Told it to cancel all it's install attempts, ran the driver disk, downloaded the video card drivers, a couple passes through Windows Update, and then boxed the new machine up to go back home.

I'm probably going to use the old machine and some of the accumulated other parts from home to upgrade Teeka's desktop the same way. She'll go from a pIII-900 to the celeron, which should make it a little less frustrating to use.

Anyone want to buy a camper? We've decided that we should try to sell the camper because we really only ever use it one weekend per year, and with ongoing maintenance and what we went through this time to get it hooked up to the truck, it's really not worth it.
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The grocery shopping part of today's evil pan is complete.

Next comes the cleaning up of the kitchen, in preparation for making a new mess.

Finally, there will be the creation of a huge vat of chili.

In between these steps will be other important activities, like cat scritchies, picking [ profile] teeka up from Farmer's Market, miscellaneous house cleaning, etc.
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They're predicting lots of rain all day, and [ profile] teeka is extra tired and hurty today, so we're going to stay home.

Of course, since I have ham and chicken and andouille and brisket and chorizo and shrimp and rice and green peppers and celery and onions and rice, I'm probably making jambalaya later, too.

ETA: apparently, looking at the list, it's going to take extra rice.
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Some days nothing goes the way it's supposed to.

[ profile] teeka made dinner (dirty rice with beef), and then I knocked mine over, causing it to fall off of the computer and land all over the printer.

We also tried to bleach Teeka's hair (the ren faire people would like normal hair colors). After an hour, using a kit from Walgreens, her roots are lighter, but the pink parts are still pink. She's going to keep her hat on and hope nobody complains.


Sep. 4th, 2005 09:44 pm
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I was going to post this yesterday.

It was my turn to cook, so I made
Lasagna for a small army )
Froze a lot of lasagna today, and plan to vacuum-pack most of it once it's frozen.

Going to the RenFaire tomorrow. It's closing day, and we plan to be there all day because we haven't made it to the fair at all this season.


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