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I'm going to have to use this as an icon for something.

It's from today's Arlo & Janis.

Add: icon version, after redoing the text so that it's more readable.
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Sunday afternoon we broke the bed. One of the box spring halves cracked along the center line of the bed, right where the rail of the box spring sits on the foot-end crossbar.

Today we took it into Verlo (we were over there for something else, so it was a good time to drop it off). They're going to replace it because it's a manufacturing defect (the break is right at a knot in the wood), and they're also going to replace the other half, too, because they don't build them the same way and if they only do one they won't match properly.

[ profile] teeka has the truck, and is going to pick them up on her way home from work, and then, at some point, we're going to have to drop off the other half of the old box spring as well. Hopefully the weather isn't too bad when she gets them, as they don't fit completely in the truck....
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Jackie says that being up on the dryer while I'm folding clothes is good, because then she gets big piles of warm clothes to sit on and try and squash the lumps out of, but it becomes less fun when I then fill the dryer with wet pillows and tennis balls.
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I was in one of the teaching labs this afternoon installing some new equipment, and one of the undergrads asked me how I knew how to do so many things.

I replied "Trial and error, mostly," which just confused her. So I asked her how old she was, and then told her I'd been doing it since she was 2 (really, I'd been doing it for years before she was born, but I figured sticking to just the current job would confuse her less).

Then, as this particular line of conversation usually does, she realized that I'm older than everyone thinks I am, and was surprised that I'm going to be 41 in a week and a half (she's turning 20 five days after my birthday - they get younger every year).


Oct. 31st, 2008 08:15 pm
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[ profile] teeka says I'm being mean to the Trick or Treaters.

When they say "Trick or Treat," I keep asking them what they've got prepared for tricks. Most of them stare at me as if I'm completely crazy.

One young lady did argue with me for a while about how just handing over treats was a Halloween tradition, so I explained the origin of the "Trick" part of the statement, but I don't think she believed me.

Everyone gets treats anyway, but so far nobody's had anything for tricks for me, but Teeka did get one "Boo!" from one of the people she asked.

Last year I got a Knock-Knock joke and one cartwheel.

I think this says something important about the general preparedness of kids these days.
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Every three years at work we run a survey of our alumni. It's become my job for the last two because I'm the only one who's bothered to figure out the UW's web survey tool. Among other things, it means I'm the only one who knows all the names of who answered the questions (we ask, and if they don't want their contact info, I strip it off the data).

I just closed the survey and then spent the morning cleaning up the output so that it has the right column headings (all 400 of them). I'm currently printing it out to give to my boss. Most of the survey is in 10-point Arial, with some Arial Narrow, and some 8- or 9-point fonts. I decided I was only going to print it onto one page.

This requires printing it at 52% of normal size, and a 36" x 116" page. I really like my poster printer.


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