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I'm going to have to use this as an icon for something.

It's from today's Arlo & Janis.

Add: icon version, after redoing the text so that it's more readable.
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In the last three weeks, seven journals have friended me:

The five most recent ones were suspended by the time I got the friending notice. The other two lasted about a week before they were suspended.

The oldest two were all in a Cyrillic language, but since I have no idea who they were, I mostly just ignored them.
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I got an email from Tracfone on Friday. Basically, it said:
Dude, your phone, it's like, old, and, we're not going to support TDMA any more, so you really should upgrade if you want to keep calling people. We are, however, going to send you a new phone to replace it, while supplies last, so don't dawdle.
I have a support case open now (required for them to send me a new phone). Then, after I get the new phone and find out if they'll let me keep my old number (the last time Maggs switched phones they told her she couldn't keep her number because the change from TDMA to GSM wouldn't allow it), since the old phone is non-SIM, I get to transfer the address book one entry at a time.
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Three trips to Menards, two stops at Dorn, and a trip to Woodman's and we're mostly ready for FCW. One more stop at Woodman's for the rest of use talked, but we all played games instead.

Why doesn't anyone in Illinois know how to take pics, and by our even bringing a tripod so we could finish shredding all the old paperwork that needed it. As Teeka said, we used the truck to let me take a few more. It was really good at waiting until I was pushing the shutter button to turn from profile to looking right at me.

I also carry my camera so that I can hook up the gas dryer, and, probably, a few other odds and ends. Then a stop at Mounds for bird seed (which I didn't manage to put into the feeders yet).

Went home and cleared the maple seeds out of two of the three bedrooms (and half the hall lights in the house). Now I can run it through the machine to see what was what in the office.

Rachel came back half an hour so the glue could dry, and then routered all of the rubble up and heaped it into the drum.

I forgot about it until today when I was done filling the garage with sawdust, Teeka went down there to play with one yet, I'm looking for some other suggestions.

Go here. Push the button. You know you want to.


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