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Anybody good at welding stainless, or know anyone who is, and is willing to work for homebrew?

Todd (neighbor across the street) has a line on 1 gallon stainless kegs (that take a standard tapper).

The problem is that they've got burst disks milled into the body of the keg, and the disks were milled too deep, so they rupture really easily. He figures that if he can find someone to over-weld the milled area, he can use them for homebrew, but right now, they seem to burst the disk at only a couple PSI.

His only concern is that the weld be fairly smooth on the inside, as a rough weld will be too difficult to keep clean.
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Being a nice day, I started in on chopping drainage channels in the ice at the crosswalk on the corner, so that it'd drain and wouldn't pool new ice. Base channels took until lunch, and then after lunch, most of the neighbors were out helping each other shovel the piles at the end of driveways out into the street so that they'd melt, and people with short cars could see over them.

Then they all came over, and we pretty much destroyed the ice in the intersection (the contractors with the graders who do the neighborhood don't do a very good job of scraping the intersection bare), all the while talking about who's doing what and so on. We had 12-14 people standing around the intersection at one point, with ice choppers, shovels, and my digging bar (which destroys ice buildup), occasionally getting out of the way of cars.

Then I cleaned up some of the old seed, hulls, etc. under the bird feeder, until 'd filled the composter. If I do more, I'm going to have to start filling the neighbor's composter.

After that, we went to Menards for some shelf boards to do the closet in the computer room/office. We never put clothes in there, so we're going to put shelves at about 16" spacing to hold all the craft stuff and random electronics that have piled up there. I ripped the tongues off some old T&G boards from the garage, gut them to fit the sides and back wall as perimeter shelf supports, and then [ profile] teeka painted them. They're currently out in the garage (with a heater) drying, albeit slowly.

Tomorrow we'll install the shelves, and clean up the room somewhat, and then we're probably going to clean the carpeting in the bedrooms and computer room.


Oct. 31st, 2008 08:15 pm
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[ profile] teeka says I'm being mean to the Trick or Treaters.

When they say "Trick or Treat," I keep asking them what they've got prepared for tricks. Most of them stare at me as if I'm completely crazy.

One young lady did argue with me for a while about how just handing over treats was a Halloween tradition, so I explained the origin of the "Trick" part of the statement, but I don't think she believed me.

Everyone gets treats anyway, but so far nobody's had anything for tricks for me, but Teeka did get one "Boo!" from one of the people she asked.

Last year I got a Knock-Knock joke and one cartwheel.

I think this says something important about the general preparedness of kids these days.
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They finished paving our neighborhood today. Base coat asphalt on Northland, Fulton, and Nancy, and topcoat on all three plus School. The roads really needed it, but it's also nice for them to be done. I'd guess that all the cones and barricades will go away either tonight or tomorrow. One of the neighbors said they were pushing hard to get it done so they didn't have to wait for things to dry out after tonight's predicted rain.

I'm over the swelling and most of the itching from the allergic reaction, now I'm waiting for everything to finish peeling and for the last of the red to go away. We're fairly sure that it was a reaction to something on the celery we bought for the potato soup. I was talking with John at Jim's Meat Market (where we got the Italian sausage), and he says they stopped using celery in everything a while ago. They used to fail a health inspection every year or two, and their health inspector suggested they cut out the celery, as it's apparently a common source of pollutants, including dirt and agricultural chemicals. John says they haven't failed an inspection since (he said it's been 10 years).

The cats spent the day at the vet for teeth cleaning. Jackie had one tooth removed, Marley had one canine and three other teeth pulled. The vet's pretty sure that Marley's weight loss is related to the dental problems. [ profile] teeka got home with the cats shortly after I got home, and we shouldn't laugh, but Marley was frantically throwing food around because her mouth was still numb while she was trying to eat something (anything? everything? whatever a starving kitty needs!).

Yesterday I rebuilt my mother-in-law's computer. Her old one stopped working while they were trying to figure out what she'd need to do to run Adobe CS3, so they decided that it was time to upgrade. I picked a kit from Tiger Direct, and they went from a 3GHz Celeron with 512MB or RAM to a 2.2GHz Dual Core with 2GB. I built the new machine a couple weeks ago and swapped all the drives from the old one to the new one and traded video cards with her (I had a PCI-E/16 card and both AGP and PCI-E/16 slots, she had an AGP card in the old machine and a PCI-E/16 slot in the new machine, and both cards were similar quality), booted it up, and then went away while it figured out what drivers needed to be installed. Told it to cancel all it's install attempts, ran the driver disk, downloaded the video card drivers, a couple passes through Windows Update, and then boxed the new machine up to go back home.

I'm probably going to use the old machine and some of the accumulated other parts from home to upgrade Teeka's desktop the same way. She'll go from a pIII-900 to the celeron, which should make it a little less frustrating to use.

Anyone want to buy a camper? We've decided that we should try to sell the camper because we really only ever use it one weekend per year, and with ongoing maintenance and what we went through this time to get it hooked up to the truck, it's really not worth it.
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[ profile] teeka and J were planning on going out to try and sell stuff on State Street today. Teeka had a migraine this morning, and it was really cold. She doesn't sell much stuff when it's really cold. J, on the other hand, sells hats, scarves, and gloves, and does reasonable business when it's cold. Teeka decided to stay home because while she could vend today with the migraine, she'd crash when she got home, and be unable to babysit for her sister, which is where she is now.

I loaded up the truck - shovels, ice chopper, and snowblower - so that I could drive down to State and see if J was trying to set up in the snow drifts that are the vending spots available. She wasn't when I got there, and there was enough ice and pushed-up snow piles that it wasn't going to be an easy job, so I ran an errand and came back, still no J, so I didn't clear any of the drifts because she probably wasn't coming out. Since I had everything in the truck, I drove over to J's house. She's not supposed to lift anything, so her sidewalk probably wasn't going to be clear as it was unlikely her son had volunteered to clear it off. I got there, chopped at some of the worse parts of the drift and ran the snowblower over it a couple times.

Then J's neighbors asked me how much I'd charge to do their driveway. I told then $20 (it was about 2 cars worth of driveway), but I'd need them to chop the lumps loose so I could get them with the snowblower. Mrs. neighbor didn't even hesitate - she just handed me money. All in all I worked on their driveway for about 45 minutes before I told them that I'd done all I could because of the ice ridges under everything. They thanked me and gave me a second $20 for my work.

I worked on J's sidewalk a little more after that and then put a couple pounds of icemelter on it. Right about then is when J came out of her house and discovered that I'd been there (I was behind the neighbor's RV when she came home, apparently). We, of course, never charge J anything, because she doesn't have the money, but she's still going to get Teeka something for Christmas to pay us back.

After that, I headed for Mounds for cat food and bird seed, and checked several other people's houses - L from work, [ profile] ringsnake and [ profile] snakewyfe's, and another of Teeka's friends - to see if they needed help (since I had the snowblower in the truck), but, alas, everyone had already cleaned up their sidewalks and what I could see of their driveways.

Came home, unloaded everything, and then went to Menards for two sheets of plywood and a half a dozen 2x4-8s. We're putting a second bench in Teeka's shop and insulating the ceiling, so the second sheet is to put some walking platforms down for when I'm crawling around the rafters. It's going to be a bit of a pain, as I'll need to borrow a taller ladder from work (9' truss deck level). We've got three rolls of kraft-faced fiberglass for 16" centers, so we've got enough insulation and don't need to buy any, but the garage ceiling is 24" truss centers.


Oct. 29th, 2007 09:12 am
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I also learned how to cast "Summon Parent" over the weekend.

When the net-door-neighbor munchkin comes over to see what you're doing, you say "Kimmy, you need to stay over there so you don't get killed." And then you pull-start the chainsaw.
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Jake (the guy with the downed tree) says his insurance agent, when he recovered from the heart attack, asked for another estimate. While Maggs and I were over there, the third guy showed up for the estimate.

The first two estimates were $16,200 and $14,700. The third estimate (from one of those "I've been doing this for 30 years, and you really don't need a crane for this" old guys) was for $4500, with the job only taking a day or so. I didn't see the name on the business card, but if his work looks good, next time I need trimming, I'll have to ask Jake who the guy was.

Now, pictures:

click for 1.7MB version

This is a quick panorama I put together to show what happened. There also is a closeup of the break and where the crown hit (both are large files).

Jake says the base of the tree has a circumference of 15.5 feet, making it a hair under 5' in diameter. I may have to keep an eye on things and grab some more wood for slabbing and drying for turning.
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Jim the neighbor stopped by while we were unpacking the truck to see if we had a tattoo pen.

I had to tell him that that was one of the few things we didn't have, but I could probably find him a sewing needle and some india ink if he wanted to fake it.

They were getting ready for the Fair, and discovered that one of the rabbits that one of the daughters was showing wasn't tattooed. They headed out to the farm to remedy the situation, after letting us know that since we had nearly everything else, they figured we'd probably have a tattoo pen too.


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