Feb. 28th, 2009 02:45 pm
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I'm doing laundry today. I took the second load out of the washer to put it into the dryer, and what do I find in the bottom of the washer?

My 32GB Flash drive.

I can now say that, in addition to everything else Corsair says about their Flash Survivor line of drives, they're also washing machine resistant (even with both the catalyst feature - which pretreats by spinning the laundry while it continuously pumps detergent and water through them - and a second rinse selected).
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Today started with the potential to be "One of Those days."

I woke up late, having apparently turned off my alarm clock and then fallen back asleep. Not very late, I was only going to be about 30 minutes later than normal to work.

Got up, got ready to go, mixed up oatmeal (oatmeal, dried fruit, brown sugar), put it in the microwave and started packing lunch. About the time my breakfast was ready, I started to smell something burnt.

Microwaved oatmeal smells just like burnt popcorn when you forget to add water before you heat it up.

Now, starting from that beginning, I'm replacing monitors and rebuilding microscopes.

We'll see how today goes from here.
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Over the weekend, somebody at work loaded more staples into the copier and then (like they're supposed to) put the empty staple box in my mailbox so that I could order more.

Unfortunately, they didn't push the staple holder far enough into the stapler for it to latch properly, and it fell out inside the copier. I just found out about it because another professor couldn't find more staples to load into the copier, as it was asking for more staples.

Now, as soon as the job log finishes downloading (so that I can see who the likely suspects were), I'm going go have a talk with someone.


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