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I was in one of the teaching labs this afternoon installing some new equipment, and one of the undergrads asked me how I knew how to do so many things.

I replied "Trial and error, mostly," which just confused her. So I asked her how old she was, and then told her I'd been doing it since she was 2 (really, I'd been doing it for years before she was born, but I figured sticking to just the current job would confuse her less).

Then, as this particular line of conversation usually does, she realized that I'm older than everyone thinks I am, and was surprised that I'm going to be 41 in a week and a half (she's turning 20 five days after my birthday - they get younger every year).
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Why does November 10, 2008 come up in my Palm as Octopus Day?
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Take a piece of uncooked spaghetti. Hold it between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, and bend it so that it starts to bow. Continue bending it until it breaks.

Question 1: Why does it never break in the middle (note: this is, fundamentally, an easy question, as it has nothing to do with the compressibility of chickens).

Question 2: Why does it always break into three or more pieces?
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My desk at work, like my whole office, accumulates stuff.

Eventually, I can't find something that I know I just had, and it's time to thin the stuff out (also know as cleaning my office).

This sometimes leads to odd questions, based on what I find.

Today's is: Why do I have a metallic purple paint marker in my pen cup? It was completely dried out, so the question really is moot, but I still wonder where it came from.


Mar. 17th, 2008 12:16 pm
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Taxes are done, e-Filing is successful, returns have been accepted. Barring an audit, we should see our federal return before the end of the month. There are, of course, enough things we'd like to do with the money to spend it four or five times over, but that's normal.

[ profile] teeka messaged me earlier to say she found out why MG&E had been drawing lines all over the neighborhood. They're replacing sacrificial anodes on the underground lines.

I finally got around to googling how to mount NTFS drives as folders, so now all six of the card readers on my work computers are mounted as folders in my C: drive, and I have free drive letters again.

Friday one of the women on the bus declared that my brain scares her. Somehow, we got on the topic of laundry, and one of the other people (Nancy) said that she's got red pants, that, even after four years of washing, still bleed. I told Nancy to look up Dharma Trading, as they're supposed to have some good products to reset dyes. This led to a round of "How do you know that?" followed by the declaration that my brain is scary.


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