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This week I've been practicing my drywall taping skills. They need work. I've got the basics down, but now need to work on the details, especially inside corners. The first joint I taped bubbled (and I've since peeled the tape off and mudded it over sans tape), the second one is ok, and the first inside corner needs some sanding and then will be done.

I've got another inside corner on the wall, and a pair of small butt joints (that I may skip as they'll eventually be covered with door frame trim), and will have more joints once I start in on enclosing the stairs.

The garden beds are cleaned out, tilled, and replanted with tomatoes, onions, and radishes. I need to screw down the screen frames over them yet (we took them off to work on the spading/tilling).

Today I decided that the flag in the front yard needed replacing, so I got a new one at Meikle's, along with some yard stuff and charcoal.

We're cooking meat for the week today. There's a beef brisket in the smoker (cherry smoke, Smoky Jon's Flavor Magic seasonings, and brown sugar and other seasoning in the water, which we're basing the meat with occasionally), boneless pork rib ends in the crock pot (dried cranberries, ginger, other spices), and we might also do brats later (Johnsonville original). I've also got a recipe for fried peach pies that I might try later.
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Haven't done a lot today. Did a couple loads of laundry, cleaned up under the bird feeders (we have very messy birds). Shortly after lunch, I started making bread.

My bread book says this is pain à l'ancienne (country-style French "old dough" starter - pâte fermentée - bread), but baked in the style of pain de campagne. We've been playing with more"artisan" sorts of bread, and using the bread machine to make dough, but then forming loaves and baking them in the oven. This loaf took 9 hours from when I put the ingredients for the starter into the machine until it came out of the oven. I've got half the starter left, and will make another loaf tomorrow, as the starter doesn't last long.

Finally, someone (and she knows who I mean) pointed out this website, which is (I think) a great way to waste time. I'm currently up to 14x10.
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The cats are now hiding under the table in the basement. I vacuumed up the debris in the computer room doorway, which meant they had to flee the evil vacuum cleaner.

Tomorrow I'll pull all of the nails from the old trim, measure where the cutouts for the hinges and strike go, and then chop all the debris small enough to fit in the trash can. Then I'll start sanding and prepping the new wood. I think I want to stain it before I cut it so that the required handling can't leave spots on the wood that won't stain.
And now, a recipe! )
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Maggs left last night to spend a few days at her folks'. I've got work stuff that has to be done tomorrow, so I stayed home.

Today, I slept late, had a light breakfast, and then took a nap with the cats. I finally got up around noon, ate brunch, and then did some housework.

So far, I've done three loads of laundry, two loads through dishwasher, ripped the door frame out of the computer room and am currently baking cookies.

I should plan dinner soon, but other than it will probably contain pulled pork from the batch we made yesterday, I'm not sure. Maybe herbed popovers, if I can find where I put the recipe.


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