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Sunday afternoon we broke the bed. One of the box spring halves cracked along the center line of the bed, right where the rail of the box spring sits on the foot-end crossbar.

Today we took it into Verlo (we were over there for something else, so it was a good time to drop it off). They're going to replace it because it's a manufacturing defect (the break is right at a knot in the wood), and they're also going to replace the other half, too, because they don't build them the same way and if they only do one they won't match properly.

[ profile] teeka has the truck, and is going to pick them up on her way home from work, and then, at some point, we're going to have to drop off the other half of the old box spring as well. Hopefully the weather isn't too bad when she gets them, as they don't fit completely in the truck....
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I went to Woodmans last night for groceries, knowing that it was a locust night for grocery stores, but, when you're out of food, whatcha gonna do?

Came home afterwards, let [ profile] teeka put everything away, and grabbed gas cans and headed to PDQ to get them filled.

Gas at PDQ ended up being three purchases: 1) four gallons of gas in the gas cans; 2) lock de-icer for the truck gas cap; and 3) gas for the truck.

Some days you just can't win. On the upside, just in case, there is now new lock deicer in the truck, and in the pocket of my coat.
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Next step is to clear the truck off and go to the hardware store.

The preceding steps involved snow blowing the driveway and shoveling all the walks.

Why, you might ask, if I have a snow blower, am I shoveling the walks? That's because the intermediate step between those two involved the drive belt on the snowblower failing.

I've looked in the manual, so I know how to replace it, but I have to go take the old belt out in order to find out what kind it is, because the manual doesn't say.
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[ profile] teeka and J were planning on going out to try and sell stuff on State Street today. Teeka had a migraine this morning, and it was really cold. She doesn't sell much stuff when it's really cold. J, on the other hand, sells hats, scarves, and gloves, and does reasonable business when it's cold. Teeka decided to stay home because while she could vend today with the migraine, she'd crash when she got home, and be unable to babysit for her sister, which is where she is now.

I loaded up the truck - shovels, ice chopper, and snowblower - so that I could drive down to State and see if J was trying to set up in the snow drifts that are the vending spots available. She wasn't when I got there, and there was enough ice and pushed-up snow piles that it wasn't going to be an easy job, so I ran an errand and came back, still no J, so I didn't clear any of the drifts because she probably wasn't coming out. Since I had everything in the truck, I drove over to J's house. She's not supposed to lift anything, so her sidewalk probably wasn't going to be clear as it was unlikely her son had volunteered to clear it off. I got there, chopped at some of the worse parts of the drift and ran the snowblower over it a couple times.

Then J's neighbors asked me how much I'd charge to do their driveway. I told then $20 (it was about 2 cars worth of driveway), but I'd need them to chop the lumps loose so I could get them with the snowblower. Mrs. neighbor didn't even hesitate - she just handed me money. All in all I worked on their driveway for about 45 minutes before I told them that I'd done all I could because of the ice ridges under everything. They thanked me and gave me a second $20 for my work.

I worked on J's sidewalk a little more after that and then put a couple pounds of icemelter on it. Right about then is when J came out of her house and discovered that I'd been there (I was behind the neighbor's RV when she came home, apparently). We, of course, never charge J anything, because she doesn't have the money, but she's still going to get Teeka something for Christmas to pay us back.

After that, I headed for Mounds for cat food and bird seed, and checked several other people's houses - L from work, [ profile] ringsnake and [ profile] snakewyfe's, and another of Teeka's friends - to see if they needed help (since I had the snowblower in the truck), but, alas, everyone had already cleaned up their sidewalks and what I could see of their driveways.

Came home, unloaded everything, and then went to Menards for two sheets of plywood and a half a dozen 2x4-8s. We're putting a second bench in Teeka's shop and insulating the ceiling, so the second sheet is to put some walking platforms down for when I'm crawling around the rafters. It's going to be a bit of a pain, as I'll need to borrow a taller ladder from work (9' truss deck level). We've got three rolls of kraft-faced fiberglass for 16" centers, so we've got enough insulation and don't need to buy any, but the garage ceiling is 24" truss centers.
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Yesterday I took the truck apart enough to replace all the illuminator lamps in the instrument cluster in the dash. This was the second try - the first time, I didn't know it was going to require a pair of retaining wall blocks to make the whole process work. 45 minutes of work, and now, for the first time since we bought the truck, you can see all of the gauges at night.

I also finished the handle I was making for one of the big lathe gauges and started a maple bowl. It took about an hour to rough out the bowl and another hour to microwave dry the wood. I need to sharpen my lathe tools as this will not only speed things up it will let them cut more cleanly. The rest of the day was spent cleaning up the bench in the garage and doing some housework, but mostly reading or playing games on the computer.

Today we slept in, and didn't really start anything until after noon. I finished the bowl, except that I'm going to take it to work and see if I can chuck it up in the lathe there to finish the bottom - it ovalled and warped during drying (this is normal), but I don't have a chuck on the home lathe, so re-flattening the bottom is complicated (I should have squared off the top, glued on a scrap block, and done the bottom before I finished the top, but I didn't).

Then I cut the parts to finally put the door frame back in the computer lab, and it's currently in the basement for stain & varnish, but it might require a trip to Menards for wood conditioner as the stain we're using isn't going on evenly.
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I picked up the truck, went grocery shopping, and came home to corned beef and taters (courtesy of [ profile] teeka).

The shop hooked the transmission up to the computer, and it all the electronics were deemed to be be in good shape, so they took it apart. The culprit, or, at least, all they admit to finding, was a small sliver of old gasket stuck in the valve body. The truck needs to go back in two weeks for a post-op checkup, but other than that, all should be good.
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The truck is back at the transmission place for a day of gauges, monitors, driving around, and, hopefully, fixing whatever problem is still there.

When it's fixed, I'm going home via Woodman's (instead of going home for dinner first) so that we're caught up on supplies in case this happens again.
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Got the truck fixed. They couldn't find the metal scrapey noise, (I couldn't hear it when I drove the truck to the shop). Their guess is that we picked up a stone somewhere that finally wore down enough to fall back out of wherever it was. Oil change, tire rotation, and another attempt to fix the rattle in the heat shields. $77.

Unfortunately, it seems like I've caught the plague from Maggs. Congestion, phlegm, lots of coughing. Need good cold meds (the triple threat: dextromethorphan HBr, guaifenesin, and pseudoephedrin HCl).


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