Aug. 14th, 2006 11:18 pm
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We're finally back online at home.

DSL went in last week wednesday, and I waited a couple days for them to send me the install kit (I asked for one because I didn't have the old install CD, and the old software is on a dead computer). Of course, that made it 'The Weekend', and there's nobody to call for help. This morning I called in and talked to one of the DSL account guys. He didn't know if I had been sent a kit, so he connected us to one of the 'DSL Self-Install' guys who looked up my account and discovered that no one had sent me the CD. He put in an order, and then, when he asked if there was anything else he could do, I asked if I could set up without the CD. He said "Sure, no problem."

The magic fact that I didn't have to do the set up is that the first time through you need to log in as 'sbcyahooreg@sbcglobal.net' with the correct password (sbcyahooreg). Fill in the answers to the setup questions, disconnect, and then reconnect as your DSL account (as specified in the setup questions).

Finally, hook up the router, tinker for a bit until you discover that the cable from the router to the modem isn't in all the way, and then everything works just fine.

Apartment cleaning is almost finished - we hauled three truckloads of stuff to the house today (where does it all come from?), and have one (maybe two, depending on plants) left for tomorrow. The kitchen is cleaned, all the floors are swept and mopped, there's a small heap of trash in the garage (we didn't get it all out yesterday in time for the trash pickup this morning), and I still have the indestructible fish (we're hoping he'll die - he doesn't get fed regularly, his tank hadn't been cleaned in quite a while, the aquarium got unplugged for several days during moving, and right now, he's living in a vase because we threw out the big tank today).


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