Jan. 16th, 2009


Jan. 16th, 2009 03:39 pm
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Somehow, I'm now an Outlook 2003 expert.

Since I never use it, and only fix it for other people a few times a year, I'm probably doing pretty good.

One of the profs just came in, and his Outlook wasn't sending mail. I had sent him the configuration directions, and he said he'd tried them, and he'd gone over to the helpdesk (who tried for a while, and sent him to me, as I'm officially his tier 2 guy).

I went back through the directions, and then when it didn't work, googled for the problem, and found two answers. The first one was to increase the timeout delay, and the second one was a comment that the test process didn't always work, and we should just send some emails and see what happened. I bumped the delay from 1 minute to 5, and send myself an email, which went through in about 30 seconds.

Then I worked out what his other problem was. He's got two PSTs. It looks like he had a login profile fault, and now has two profiles, but didn't have any of the calendar or contact data from the old one in the new one. I used the brute force, but simple, expediant of exporting the old one and importing it into the new one, and now he's gone away happy, telling everyone that I should get two raises this year.


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