May. 18th, 2009

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I had Friday off for setup time for Janesville, so, apparently, things have been piling up since then.

I fixed two computers and a printer, and then went over to DoIT to buy a replacement printer and check out the water main leak on Engineering Mall, all before I got into my office.

I've got a software install for this afternoon, and we'll see how things go from there.

Janesville was fun, other than the freezing part on Saturday. We both had a lot of fun, and got home about 9 last night. Maggs got more feathers for her hat (her favorite feather pusher was there, we just didn't know it ahead of time because she was working under a different business name than we're used to), and we got a lead on another fair.
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I left the building around 11:30 to run an errand.

On the way out, I noticed that there was a car up against the front of the building, and people standing around it talking on cell phones. I continued on, as there was a good chance that it was somebody related to the construction going on out front (two street projects, a gas main project, building construction, and a water main leak).

A few minutes later, when I came back, there were two UWPD squads and two MPD squads parked around the area, and several officers were talking to the woman in the car, which is tight against the building.

I finished what I was doing and went back out to look, as one of the UW's bike officers rode up (she recognized me, so I could wander in closer to see what's up).

The woman driving the car had borrowed it from somebody at the hospital, and it completely lost brakes coming around the curve on Johnson, so she had the presence of mind to drop the transmission into first gear and then jump the curve to use terrain to slow the car down to where it would stop. In the process, one of our trees lost some bark, and the shrubs that the contractors messed up got run over, and there appears to be a scrape of paint on the front of the building.

The officers present were looking under the hood: All the evap canisters are cut off, the battery is sitting loose under the hood (and is too big for the brackets, and has extra long wires to let it connect), the A/C compressor had been removed, and, most inportantly in this case, the master cylinder has completely fallen apart. I'm guessing that, when this is all over, somebody is going to have words with somebody else about the quality of their automotive repair skills.


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